Not your usual publishing company.

We live out adventure. Travel through rough conditions. Take unlikely paths. Because we’re called to encourage.

And so, even when the likelihood of someone easing our trials is remote, we press on. It’s better to cross a channel, reach for the destination, than reach for a remote, switch channels, and watch others do life. Experiencing the agony of defeat is a greater victory than spectating in a stadium, shouting at the braver souls who are actually in the arena.

We live for the stories told every day. Through our lives. In our hearts. In the dreams we hold and sometimes struggle to make real. A story is a call to an adventure. And there is no easy route along the grand adventure. The trek is uncharted. The road is never straight. The path is jagged. Grown over. Unmarked. Battles meet you in the valleys. Storms surge at the peak. Mirages disguise the wicked turns. Yet the compass points to a journey worth taking.

We don’t send the invitation to adventure: the adventure calls out to you. Every day. It follows you. Deep in the gut of everything you do, it sits there waiting for you. And the journey calls you. Onward. Forward. Upward.

Hear the invitation.
Answer the call.
Lead your Journey.