On Air! Podcast with Jeannine Kellogg

On Air! Podcast with Jeannine Kellogg

The Tukor’s Journey won both the Children’s Book of the Year and 1st Place Young Reader in the Reader Views Literary Awards. I’m thrilled with the Children’s Book of the Year because kids voted me in!

As a result of winning these awards, I was interviewed by Reader Views about The Tukor’s Journey. You can listen to the interview HERE. We covered a number of topics:

  • Introducing a world of adventure through extraordinary animals and locations
  • Encouraging outdoor adventures
  • Characters who use their own skills and imagination to invent and solve problems
  • Storytelling and instilling hope
  • The Publishing Industry vs. The Gaming Industry

I’ll talk more about that last point in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

The Tukor’s Journey is a high-stakes action adventure tale that travels the world and inspires kids to pursue their own powerful mission in life. For fun summer reading, give The Tukor’s Journey a try. The Tukor’s Journey is available via Amazon, B&N, Itasca, and other retailers.