A Journey to Many Lands

A Journey to Many Lands

The characters in The Tukor’s Journey travel all over the world. To the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea, the volcanoes of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia, the mountain ranges of Alaska, the tundra of Canada, the White-Water Terraces of China, the rivers of North Korea, the farms of southern Minnesota, and even Hollywood, California. Yet The Tukor’s Journey starts in Manhattan where three siblings live: Mitch and Tony, and Jovana. But do call her Jovi; she doesn’t like when people call her Jovana.

Mitch, Tony, and Jovi are the great, great, great grandkids of a man who, long before computer networks, amassed tremendous wealth building America’s railroad networks. And, miraculously, somehow his money survived the generations in between to now fund the extravagant life of their parents. But they are also grandkids of a famous financial genius whose unusual last name, Bosonataski, is known around the world.

Their famous Grandpa hosts parties at their lavish townhome attended by who’s who of pop culture—movie stars, TV stars, and music superstars. Money makers. Money spenders. Producers of this and that. Investors in that and this. And their parents ensure that the kids attend only the most prestigious schools in Manhattan. And vacation to the most exclusive ski resorts in winter. And extravagant beach resorts in the summer. Wealth drips on the kids like rain.

But little do they know that a dark secret has been long hidden in the clouds above them. Until one night. A key to the dark secret is discovered. At a New Year’s Eve party. A happy night. Cheering in the New Year. And it doesn’t take long before a storm bears down hard upon them. And their world comes crashing down.

On that same New Year’s Eve, unbeknownst to any human being, a timid Snow Monkey reluctantly escapes the Central Park Zoo to deliver a critically important book called nothing more than The Story. But it all goes terribly wrong. And now nothing can stop the Grezniks from blowing up our entire planet. And there are no known Tukor’s left in the world to stop them.

But what is a Tukor? Find out soon. The release date is just around the corner! And I can’t wait!