Invited to the Battle

Invited to the Battle

The adventures of life take us to wonderful places but also unexpected ones—a school we didn’t choose, a new job that doesn’t last, new friends that don’t stick around, or the disappointment of revisiting the same path over and over again and not being able to find a way off. Sometimes it’s the betrayals, sorrows, and rejections that take us on the unexpected trails and trials of life. No matter what it is, the challenges will, at times, seem impossible.

The three siblings of The Tukor’s Journey are no different. They find themselves socially completely cast aside by the failings of the adults around them. They lose everything. Their daily life, their favorite coaches, teachers, school, friends, and their trusted nanny. And the sharp, derailing turn tosses them around like a tumbling car crash until they unexpectedly land, all alone, on barren land—black, frozen soil in the dead of winter.

Once spring comes, they go fishing in a nearby creek, hoping there is a big catch to be found in the shallow waters. But all they catch is junk. Yet buried in the pile of junk is a battered, unrecognizable treasure of great power. And held within the rusted, old piece of junk is an invitation. To a great battle. A battle where Life itself is at stake. A battle against the Grezniks, an unfathomably destructive force that has one sole purpose: destroy Life. Can three kids possibly battle the power of the Grezniks who, actually, cannot ever be killed? Grezniks who, no matter how well you battle them, have a seemingly infinite supply of destructive forces?

Why would Mitch, Tony, and Jovi ever choose to join that battle? Will they?

Find out soon. Join the journey.

Thank you to Gary Hershorn for letting me use his wonderful photo from Times Square New Year’s Eve. It’s exactly like a scene from The Tukor’s Journey!