Jagged Compass – The Journey Follows You

Jagged Compass – The Journey Follows You

The Tukor’s Journey has been on a great adventure. Thrilled about winning an award. Joy in visiting schools. Excited to hear parents and grandparents buying The Tukor’s Journey for their child for Christmas.

When one shares a story, it’s difficult to know exactly who it will reach, who will enjoy the adventure, and how far the adventure will go. It’s uncharted territory. That’s why I named my publishing company Jagged Compass. The action adventure of our life never goes in a predictable straight line.

We live for the stories told every day. Through our lives. In our hearts. In the dreams we hold and sometimes struggle to make real. A story is a call to an adventure. And there is no easy route along the grand adventure. The trek is uncharted. The road is never straight. The path is jagged. Grown over. Unmarked. Battles meet you in the valleys. Storms surge at the peak. Mirages disguise the wicked turns. Yet the compass points to a journey worth taking.

The adventure calls out to you. Every day. It follows you. Deep in the gut of everything you do, it sits there waiting for you. And the journey calls you. Onward. Forward. Upward.

Hear the invitation.
Answer the call.
Lead your Journey.

If you are looking for gifts for an elementary or middle school child, there’s still time to purchase The Tukor’s Journey!

The Tukor’s Journey is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and other fine retailers. Kids learn about unusual birds, animals, and places from around the world as they read The Tukor’s Journey. For teachers who would like to incorporate The Tukor’s Journey into their classroom activities, a free downloadable Classroom Discussion Guide is available on my website here. The Tukor’s Journey is available through all major wholesalers: Schools can purchase The Tukor’s Journey through their standard purchase process.

See you on the trail!