Irony in TV Debut of Tukor’s Journey

Irony in TV Debut of Tukor’s Journey

On Tuesday March 6th @fox9 on their Morning Buzz show around 9:15 a.m., I will be on live TV talking about my book. I am so very grateful for the opportunity! Yet there is a great deal of irony embedded in the TV debut of The Tukor’s Journey.

Tukors are the heroes of the book. And they are hidden heroes. Their work is a secret. And must remain so. They can never announce to the world that they have in fact saved the world itself. But wouldn’t that be ultimate tweet – “Hey everyone! I just saved earth from shattering to bits!! #worldsaved #iamahero #thankme by #likingme”

Tukors are silent heroes. They can’t go on TV about their work. They can’t tweet any of it. They save the world in secret. But who does that now? Are we in a world where no one does the quiet, humble work of an unknown hero without facebooking it? It can sometimes seem like we are as over a billion of us tune in to facebook to see who is doing what. But there are many amazing people out there, quietly accomplishing wonderful things and saying literally nothing about it. They are hidden heroes. And they aren’t facebooking much. And they aren’t asking for “likes”. They are just getting the hard work of holding us together #done. And they are my heroes.

And there is the irony: I am very excited to turn off my quiet and show up on live TV. To share The Tukor’s Journey. And I am grateful to @Fox9 Morning Buzz for the opportunity. I hope the book encourages kids to live out a powerful mission in their own life. Off line. Out in the real world. Becoming the young Tukor’s of the world, the quiet, humble heroes who hold the fabric of our world together. The journey chooses them. And I shout out to their hidden hero within, “Lead Your Journey! It’s a powerful one!”

I’m not sure what it is about being on television that provides a sense of arrival. A sense of being seen. Or noticed. Especially when we shouldn’t worry about that at all. So I hope, somehow, I honor the quiet, hidden heroes as I share my story, The Tukor’s Journey.