We deliver. The Critical. On Mission.

We deliver. The Critical. On Mission.

A snowy Central Park in New York. That’s how The Tukor’s Journey begins. Bitterly cold. Wind howling. Bad weather. The kind of bad weather that even in New York, some places went quiet. And in that quiet, someone escaped. I won’t say who but if you download the chapters available on my website you’ll find out who. The character escapes to complete a mission, deliver something critical. And although Central Park was peaceful that night, there was nothing peaceful about that mission.

In life, sometimes it’s hard to find those quiet places where we can escape. For most of us, we wish to escape from the chaos of our life, and find that place blanketed with an unexpected calm. But that night in New York, in The Tukor’s Journey, when Central Park went unexpectedly quiet, there wasn’t calm.

Yet are we really meant to find calm in life? Not always. Because just like the character in The Tukor’s Journey we’re meant to go on a mission. Deliver something critical. And we all do, every day. We deliver something. A package, a product, a service, a spreadsheet, a meal, a payment, a message, an answer, assistance, medicine, results, transportation and so on.

In all our jobs, we deliver something. Something critical. Our mission comes from how and why. How? With stamina. With courage. With a smile. With honesty. With perseverance. With timeliness. Clarity. Integrity. Hope. And love. And sometime even with fear. Why? Because someone needs it. And someone needs you. On mission. In that job.

The first person who got a free copy of The Tukor’s Journey was the UPS driver who dropped off my author copies directly from the printing company. The driver delivered something mission critical. Something I had waited for, wished for, and hoped for. What can seem like just another package. Another satchel. Might hold the dream inside for someone. We all deliver. A mission. Enjoy the journey!